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All Systems Go! Degreed Ignition is Ready for Launch

Introducing Degreed Ignition: the program designed to make you a Degreed expert. At Degreed, our clients are always top of mind and we want all of them to be experts on Degreed in order to fully optimize the platform at their organizations. Our product is constantly updating (every month, to be exact) to stay relevant, so we created Degreed Ignition to keep up with the demand. Degreed Ignition will regularly provide training through a variety of delivery methods, empowering clients to take learning into their own hands and share their knowledge. 

What Is Degreed Ignition? 

Degreed Ignition is a customer education series that provides an overview of Degreed’s capabilities for all levels of mastery. Divided into four core series — Foundation, Advanced, Strategic, and Technical — this program will provide in-depth training for all Degreed administrative users, along with tips on how to drive adoption after technology implementation within their organizations.

More broadly, Degreed Ignition will be a continuous resource for current and future clients interested in knowing more about fully optimizing Degreed at their organizations. 

Covering all four corners of expertise

One Degreed Expert Coming Up!

Degreed Ignition is led by expert trainers, two women who work with Degreed clients daily and who have had ample experience leading enablement teams. This team will build and deliver product training sessions that will give users useful, relevant, and directly applicable information. Training happens through live, recurring webinars, both in-person or on-demand if the administrator wants further guidance.

Degreed Ignition covers a variety of topics from foundational to strategic levels of mastery as well as technology implementation through four series that build on one another:

Foundation Series: (Available now!) The first of this four-part series covers basic product overviews such as:  
1) The Learner Experience
2) The Admin Experience
3) Insights and Reporting
4) Curation 101
5) Intro to Skills

Advanced Series: Let’s step it up a notch. This series dives deeper to cover specific product functionality while identifying ways to amplify how you’re utilizing Degreed at your organization. Coming soon!

Strategic Series: This series is for the builders, planners, and goal-setters. This series explores how to design Degreed to propel your business initiatives and programs forward. Coming soon!

Technical Series: The basics have been covered, now it’s time to get technical. This series will explore the main points of technology implementation and the potential system integrations available to amplify the learning experience for your employees. Coming soon!

Ignition Now and into The Future

After officially launching the Foundation Series, Ignition will expand the webinar series, as well as provide best-in-class product and strategy training via a variety of delivery methods — including the Degreed platform. 

These trainings will include: 

  • Live Training Webinars
  • Degreed Ignition…Using Degreed!
  • In-Person Training 
  • On-Demand Training

Let’s Get You Started

Visit get.degreed.com/ignition to find more information about the complete series and to register for individual webinars. 

Have Questions?

Learn more about Ignition by contacting your Degreed representative or emailing us directly at ignition@degreed.com. 

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