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Behind the Glasses: Meet Kristy Muir

Degreed has a pretty basic philosophy: the people behind our company are the real secret sauce. Like soylent green but less morbid. Our ranks are full of talented all-stars who constantly question, tinker, challenge, and make Degreed work for our customers and users. Behind the Glasses pulls back the curtain and shines a spotlight on some of the individuals who keep our engines running.

Behind the Glasses

Meet Kristy Muir

Every team needs a veteran. Someone with skin in the game who’s been there before. For us, that’s Kristy Muir, Product Advisory and Operation Team Manager. Before joining Degreed, Kristy co-founded an EdTech startup, created a learning computation toy that taught teachers and students through block-based coding and text-based scripting, and built out a curriculum that’s still used around the globe. Kristy’s our Swiss Army Knife and on any given day she’s managing her team, writing out SOPs, and making sure we have tight operations where information is funneled to the correct people. Let’s get to know some more about this virtuoso.

There are thousands of careers out there, why did you choose to work on Degreed’s product team?

First is the mission of Degreed. Democratizing learning is such a huge passion that I have. The core values of the company aligned with my own. I have to have a passion for what I’m doing or else I get bored and am not excited. So the fact that every single day I get to work in a product and on a team of like-minded individuals that are passionate about democratizing learning is enticing to me. 

Behind the Glasses: Meet Kristy

Second is the opportunity. As a single mom, my boat sinks if I fail. Since I followed Degreed for a while, I knew the leadership team. I knew they were solid people. I knew the mission was solid and something I believed in. And I followed their growth and knew they were a company that was on track for success. So when the opportunity arose, it just made sense.

What’s the one thing, above all, that you love about your job?

My team. Everyone on the product team — and the culture — is diverse and eclectic. I can’t think of two people who are alike. It’s different and unique but yet we somehow all synergistically come together. I think it’s because we’re all so open, accepting, and thoughtful. We all bring different views and perspectives, backgrounds, and ethnicities. It’s a very diverse group that’s open to cross-functional working, brainstorming, and finding success together. 

What’s your favorite thing you’ve accomplished while working at Degreed?

I’ve focused a lot on operations for the product team and company. As a company scaling at a fast pace, we needed more sustainable operations. I brought Guru to Degreed for a more efficient learning management process and implemented new operations within Productboard to collect client feedback and optimize data to drive product development within the PM team.

All about Kristy

Outside of work, what are you currently learning?
How to play the banjo. We have a super musical family; my oldest daughter plays the guitar, my middle daughter plays the ukelele, and my youngest daughter plays the tambourine and spoons. I was actually a concert pianist in college and then dropped out because spending eight hours in a practice room every day when you’re 19 is not so sweet.

It [the banjo] is different than the guitar, especially reading the notes, but I really like the fingerpicking. And if all else fails, I can start a traveling family band.     

Who’s your favorite expert and why?

I would say, my Dad. He’s extremely intelligent. He’s knowledgeable. He questions everything, which is what I love about him and why I think he’s an expert — because he questions everything and then thinks for himself. I love talking to my dad and learning from him.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Changing how the world learns and builds skills isn’t easy — but it’s necessary. Fortunately, we have a team of experts who are passionate and up to the task. To learn more about our team and our company, go to degreed.com.

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