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Case Study: Strengthening Associa with Skill Development

As America’s largest homeowner’s association management company, Associa has a whole lot of people to account for. With employees dispersed all over America, Canada, and Mexico the company was having a hard time developing their skills — a key component to its business objectives.

For too long Associa relied on in-person, instructor-led training. This, paired with disparate and repetitive learning content had all the makings of a square peg in a round hole scenario. What Associa needed was a learning strategy based on role-specific training in order for employees to develop the right skills at the right times, strengthening the business and retaining clients.

Check out our case study “Strengthening Associa with Skill Development” to learn all about how Associa was able to reinvent its learning strategy with Associa University — a comprehensive employee development program — and future-proof the company.

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