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Degreed + Adepto: Your FAQs Answered

In December, we shook hands, popped some champagne, and announced the acquisition of Adepto, allowing us to take the next step in helping our customers identify and respond to shifts in the skills market.  

The response was both exciting and positive but a number of questions have come up about how the two products will work together and what the future holds for our clients. So we’re addressing the five most common questions our clients and partners have been asking. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your Degreed or Adepto representative or sign up to receive more information here

1.    Why did Degreed acquire Adepto? With millions of licensed users, Degreed generates a wealth of data, both about learning and the skills people are building. Acquiring Adepto will help our clients develop their skills through projects, stretch assignments, and other on-the-job experiences. This includes putting that data to work by enabling internal career mobility and hiring.

2.    Is Degreed still an LXP? Is Schwarzenegger still hard to spell? Degreed’s Learning Experience Platform is still the core of our business. We pioneered the LXP category and we’re not going anywhere. Just the opposite: we believe Adepto’s technology will give Degreed’s customers the most complete and compelling learning experience platform on the market. Together, we now offer formal, informal, social, user-generated, internal mobility, and on-the-job development opportunities — all through one simple, intuitive platform. 

Your Adepto + Degreed FAQs Answered

3.  Will my Degreed Portal change? We promise you have nothing to worry about. If you’re a Degreed client, there aren’t going to be any significant changes to your Profile or Portal. However, after Q2, you’ll be able to unlock the full power of Adepto. If you’re interested in these additional benefits, we’ll send out more information on activation as Q2 approaches.

4. What can I expect in the upcoming months? We’re already working with clients to explore and prioritize opportunities to bring Adepto’s functionality into Degreed. We expect the first rounds of integrations and enhancements to show up in Q2 of 2020.

5.  What are the benefits? Our goal is to provide one profile and one seamless experience for each user to manage their learning, skills, and opportunities. Thus, the benefit is a single end-to-end experience for users, a reduction in the number of systems and integrations for companies, and improved analytics around skills in individuals and workforces as a whole. This functionality will allow companies to close skills gaps and provide a more complete career progression experience to their employees.

Finally, we’ve received several questions on how to map skills to roles. We wrote a blog post on this earlier in the year and hope it provides some clarity. Check it out here. If you’re looking for more information about Adepto, check out their blog post here.

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