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Discovering a Better Way to Learn: How Booking.com Went from Scattered to Strategic

We love Bagel Bites, boy bands, and neon windbreakers. But not everything from the 90s gets us equally excited.

Remember what it was like to plan a vacation back then? Startups like Booking.com, which launched in 1996, completely changed that experience. No more travel agents — you already had the best deals at your fingertips.

Of course, disruption never stops. Today, Booking.com has 17,000 employees across offices in 70 countries. They need to stay agile as the travel industry keeps changing and their company continues to grow.

That’s why Booking.com chose Degreed. They saw what could be possible through integration, curation, and personalization. Instructor-led training wasn’t enough; the company’s culture of discovery should apply to continuous learning as well. 

Now their people know what skills to learn and their leadership has analytics and insights to monitor and align the company’s efforts. Download our latest case study to get all the details on how Booking.com used Degreed to stay ahead of disruption.

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