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Case Study: Unifying Finance and Learning at Marsh & McLennan

When people are your business, it’s mission critical to not only take care of them but to build them up. That was the challenge Marsh & McLennan (aka MMC) faced. With over 65,000 employees spanning 100+ countries across the globe, and no physical or digital products to offer, people are MMC’s business. And while the company had made significant — and even successful — investments in learning and development, they weren’t the right investments.

MMC’s learning was disconnected and scattered, only touching a fraction of its employees — especially those in its finance department. It was also wildly expensive. What MMC needed was a one-stop shop that could bring learning and skills to its entire community.

Read our case study “Finance and Learning: a Unified Vision of HCM at Marsh & McLennan Companies” to learn how MMC was able to synthesize its learning and invest in smarter learning.

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