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How Xilinx Optimized L&D with Degreed and Mind Tools

And the survey says! Well… not exactly what Xilinx wanted to hear. After sending out an employee engagement survey, company leaders had to face the reality that there was a divide between Xilinx’s learning and growth opportunities and employees’ learning habits and expectations. But instead of letting the results get them down, Xilinx’s talent development team used that feedback to spark some much-needed change in order to shape things up and bridge the gap between opportunities and expectations.

Xilinx came to the conclusion that a new learning strategy was the best way to build that bridge and develop their employees. So they called Degreed and started putting a plan in place.

Read our case study “How Xilinx Optimized L&D with Degreed and Mind Tools” to learn all about how Xilinx was able to change its culture by creating a new development approach that focuses on transformational learning.

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