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Setting Their Sights on Lifelong Learning: InVision Signs on as a Degreed Client

We are excited to announce that InVision, the digital product design platform powering the world’s best user experiences, is Degreed’s newest client. This powerhouse in the design industry has grown from 50 to over 800 employees — all working remotely — in just a few short years. To manage this workforce, InVision was looking for a flexible, social media-like way to onboard, train, and upskill their quickly-expanding employee base, as well as management leaders.

They wanted a learning platform that gave them creative control to promote the company culture and ensure continuous development with enough freedom and autonomy to empower users to take ownership of the learning process. Enter Degreed.

InVision began rolling out Degreed internally during a beta launch in January of 2019. About 40 volunteers were introduced to the platform each week. These individuals were raising their hands, actively volunteering, and asking for learning opportunities. From their positive reviews of Degreed and word-of-mouth buzz, more and more employees were asking to join, resulting in a full roll-out in May.

InVision as a Degreed client

“That [beta test] was special,” said Dennis Field, Lead Designer of People, at InVision. “We had this movement that started to develop: these champions and this community about learning. Learning, for us, is an opportunity to extend our culture.”

The partnership is a symbiotic one. One of InVision’s core principles is “never stop learning.” Degreed was the perfect platform to support this goal because it collects relevant content in organized pathways and then allows people to track and measure their learning.

“We’re honored to partner with InVision and bring our world-class learning platform to their eager and innovative workforce,” said Nate Kimmons, VP of Business Opportunities and Strategy at Degreed. “We’re confident they’ll use the platform to the fullest: generating content, pulling learnings from various sources, sharing those insights across remote teams and geographies, and then measuring learnings and skills development.”

Degreed and InVision are a match made in heaven

In an interview with InVision’s Dennis Field, we asked what were the top product features that drew them to Degreed. He replied:

  1. Free-form learning, with social media qualities. “We wanted a platform that will help connect us through this idea of learning as a group and developing together. Degreed is a place that felt natural; as natural as it is to be on Facebook or find something on the internet and share it.”
  2. Peer learning. “We found from a recent study that engagement is driven, primarily, by peers. The first place people want to learn is from someone that they trust: a boss, mentor, or peer. This is true even on the corporate level because it’s quick, trustworthy, and reliable. Degreed is living and breathing that.”
  3. Flexibility. “We did not want formal pathways that suck you into an old school LMS (learning management system) that you’re locked in to.”
  4. Meaningful content. “We wanted the ability to create and share proprietary materials amongst team members and pull outside information in. No matter where the content comes from, it’s guaranteed to be meaningful because the employees themselves are putting into the platform. We’re basically creating learning ambassadors.”
  5. Stellar customer experience. “We know we’re in good hands with Degreed. To this day, the customer experience and implementation teams have been amazing to work with.”

We’re grateful to InVision for trusting us with their most valuable asset: the skills development of their employees. To learn more about how Degreed can upskill your employees, check out degreed.com.

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