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Doing Digital at Scale and Speed: Learning the Cognizant Way

Few industries see skills change as quickly as information technology (IT). With each innovation, everyone in IT has to learn something new. Cloud computing, data science, machine learning — if you’re in IT, you better stay ahead of it all.

Cognizant, one of the world’s largest IT companies, knows how to help clients with this. They’ve earned the trust of the largest companies in finance, healthcare, logistics, retail, and communications. But what about helping their own workers?

To keep their people on the cutting edge, Cognizant asked Degreed to help them build a personalized learning platform. They wanted an elegant and intuitive interface, unique learning pods for different job types, and reinforcement mechanisms to help build habits.

Cognizant got what they wanted, and the results are impressive. Already, over 40,000 employees are committed to the new system. People give it rave reviews. Plus, the business impacts are wide-reaching. To learn how Cognizant built and implemented a personalized learning system, download our latest case study.

Download the Cognizant Case Study

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