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LENS 2018 Recap: The Business of Building Skills

This past fall 400+ learning leaders from all over the world gathered together in New York City, talking careers and skill development at Degreed LENS: The Business of Building Skills.

It was an incredible event filled with incredible people.

In summary, we had:

  • The launch of Degreed Skill Review
  • 361 attendees from 35 states and 12 countries
  • 13 sessions with 26 speakers
  • 220+ clients
  • 15+ industries represented
  • 400 The Expertise Economy books signed
  • 7 sponsors
  • More laughs from Dan Lyons’ session than anyone could count (seriously, we tried)

See for yourself in the recap video below:

For those who didn’t make it, the main stage recordings, slides, and additional content are stored in the 2018 Degreed LENS Pathway.

All of the sessions were fantastic, but if you are short on time, we suggest you read up on the launch of Degreed Skill Review and watch the two main keynotes: Carla Arellano & Jean-Marc Laouchez. Both of their sessions provide key insights and suggestions for bringing the value of people development to the C-Suite. The closing keynote from Dan Lyons brings the humor to some serious subjects.

We hope you enjoy!

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