Join the No-Pay MBA Group

Ever wanted to get a MBA, but lacked the time, money, or didn’t fit the typical MBA candidate profile?

Degreed has joined forces with Laurie Pickard, creator of the No-Pay MBA, to bring you a learning track focused on helping you learn the material that you would find going through an MBA degree.  If interested, learners will create groups so they can progress through the material with their peers.  The No-Pay MBA groups will take advantage of Degreed’s robust online learning environment which includes custom content pathways, insights and analytics, custom goals, and social collaboration.

Fortune had this to say about Laurie’s quest to create a no-pay MBA:

“If everything goes according to plan, Laurie Pickard will earn her MBA in three years for less than $1,000. She’ll take classes from Harvard, Wharton, and Yale, among other top-tier schools. And she’ll tackle it all while keeping her full-time job. She’ll accomplish all of this from Kigali, Rwanda. It sounds too good to be true. But Pickard, 32, is determined to pull it off. If successful, she’ll arguably be the first person in the world to cobble together an MBA program from massive open online courses (MOOCs), free or low-cost classes accessible to anyone with Internet access.”

-“An MBA for less than $1000,” CNN Money/Fortune, January 14 2014

If interested, fill out the form below to get early access to the No-Pay MBA group.

Written by Caitlin Probst