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Case Study: Learn. Share. Repeat. A New Strategy Pays Off for TEKsystems

In a world filled with constant change, adapting isn’t enough. The true leaders are the ones who own change and use it to capitalize on new opportunities in order to remain on top. This is one of TEKsystems’ main tenets and one they constantly use when counseling their clients.

But being a bringer of change is sometimes easier said than done. After doing some analysis on their corporate L&D system, TEKsystems realized that it was outdated and no longer functioning at a high enough level. The most glaring problem being that the system couldn’t keep up with the evolving nature of the IT market and needed an upgrade.

The shoe was squarely on the other foot. It was time for TEKsystem to take its own advice and own change.

Read our latest case study to learn more about how TEKsystems was able to do away with the old and upgrade its L&D system using Degreed’s help and a three-pronged learning approach.

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