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The Next Evolution of Degreed

One of the coolest things about working at a startup is seeing how flexible and creative a company can be. Degreed has changed and grown extensively over the last seven years. We started out as a place for individuals to learn whatever they wanted. Then we expanded to also help companies train and up-skill their employees in a user-driven experience. Now, we’re taking our technology even further.

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Harvard Business Publishing where the newest version of their Harvard ManageMentor® Spark™ will be powered by the Degreed platform.

What does this look like?

Degreed’s core business has always been technology. We pride ourselves on offering an incredible, user-friendly platform that allows people to take control of their learning. We’re honored and excited that after a thorough and thoughtful analysis of all the major learning experience platforms, the Harvard Business Publishing team selected Degreed as the platform for the next release of Harvard ManageMentor Spark.

Users of Harvard ManageMentorSpark’s powerful leadership development content will notice that though its core learning materials have not changed, the technology has. Through this partnership, Harvard ManageMentor Spark will have much of the same functionality as Degreed’s stand-alone platform, under the Harvard ManageMentor Spark branding and design.

Is this a new business line for Degreed?

This is the first time we’ve extended our personalized learning and skill measurement technologies to a content publisher. Given the alignment between our two companies in focusing on skill development and lifelong learning, we would use the same guiding criteria to guide future strategic opportunities.

For now, we are very excited to watch as this partnership develops to bring Harvard ManageMentor Spark’s management and leadership skills development resources together with Degreed’s best-in-class learning platform. It’s sure to be a winning combination!

To learn more about the partnership, please read our joint press release here.

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