Skills: Measure What Matters

What exactly is a skill? Is it something you say? Is it something you do with your hands, or something you do with your brain?

Is it what you do during the day? Or what you do at night? Is it what pays the bills? Is it what gets you out of bed in the morning? If a skill can be any of these things, why don’t we have a good way to show them to the world.

Now, we do.

Introducing Degreed Skill Certification, a better way to show your skills. With Degreed Skill Certification you can certify the skills you have; any skill, any level, regardless of where you got them- so you can be ready for the next big thing.

Degreed Skill Certification isn’t a class, course, test, or an online badge. It’s a professional credential that finally makes it possible to prove the skills you have in a universal, up-to-date, and accurate way.

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