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Showdown at the Learning Corral: What You’ll Take Away from LENS Austin

By now, you know that LENS 2019 is two days of thought-provokin’, conversation-startin’, mindset-shiftin’, appetite-stokin’ goodness. But ultimately, that’s just the top layer. As wonderful as brisket and mechanical bulls are, LENS is about learning and building skills. With that in mind, let’s get down to business and focus on the nitty-gritty. Here’s what you can expect to walk away with.

Choosing Learning Tech Vendors: From Business Case Creation to Using Learning Data

Today careers span 60 years (or more), yet the half-life of many skills is only five years. The solution? Selecting a learning technology platform that allows you to identify the right skills for your workforce, build them effectively, and constantly measure the progress of upskilling and reskilling.

RedThread Research recently partnered with Degreed, Axonify, and NovoEd to interview industry leaders about their learning technology ecosystems. The final report found that the biggest challenges were choosing vendors and meeting internal stakeholder needs. 

Choosing Vendors and Meeting internal stakeholder needs are the biggest challenges for businesses.

We’ve Got Your Back

Degreed LENS is a premier learning technology event with 400+ of the most well-regarded leaders in technology, business, and learning. Moreover, it’s a group of people who want to help you build the skills you need. The LENS agenda is jam-packed with sessions that will teach you how to develop business cases, gain buy-in from key stakeholders, and translate those efforts into actionable strategies that drive real business results. And it starts with these two sessions. 

In Learning and Skills Use Cases that Grow Companies, Darren Bartlett of Imperial Brands, Kirk Messick of ETS, and Joao Eduardo Del Vechio of Vale will share insights on analyzing the learning technology market, crafting use cases aligned to their business growth strategies, and using learning data to gain buy-in and move forward.

Additionally, Turning Numbers into Insights will offer attendees three steps to get hands-on with learning data and start using it to show business impact and drive decision-making.

LENS Austin- October 9th and 10th

It’s Austin — Of Course There’s an Encore.

And that’s just the beginning. Here’s a sneak peek at what else you’ll learn:

  • Why and how to put learners in the center of your strategy.
  • How to use learning data to create a strategy that both accelerates and builds your digital transformation in a meaningful way.
  • Who to include in business case development to ensure future results.
  • What surprises you may encounter in the process and how to prevent them.

Tickets are selling out. You won’t want to miss these valuable insights from industry leaders, unique networking opportunities, and, of course, finger-lickin’ bbq. Check out the full program and register while you’re at it. 

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