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A New Way Forward for Measuring Skills in Degreed

In 2017, you told us you needed a better way to measure and score skills. We heard you, and that’s why we built Degreed Skill Certification, which provides professional credentials in more than 1,500 skills at any level.

Since then, we’ve watched the learning technology market develop similar and specialized skill measurement tools including Pluralsight Skill IQ, Credly digital credential badges, and more.

After seeing these tools grow wildly popular, we integrated them into Degreed to make our platform even more useful — and it worked. Because of this, we’ve decided to retire Degreed Skill Certification. To give you the best service possible, we’re making sure our product meets people where they’re already doing work and building new capabilities. 

Going forward, you can log into Degreed to:

  • Use our Self Rating tool to gauge skills in minutes.
  • Get a more thorough assessment using Skill Review, which can be completed in less than an hour.
  • Complete a comprehensive Skill Profile by adding all credentials from internal and external measurement tools. We work hard for these credentials, and this makes it easy to showcase them.

In addition, you’ll soon be able to:

  • Perform 360° reviews for a deeper view into skills, by requesting ratings from managers and close peers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We’d love to help you further navigate these changes.