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Degreed Brings Upskilling Platform to Microsoft Teams

Degreed is now available in the flow of work for Microsoft Teams users. The Degreed app for Microsoft Teams is a featured application in the Microsoft Teams app marketplace, where it is available immediately. The Degreed app for Microsoft Teams will enable workers to engage with personalized learning opportunities and develop their skills within the Microsoft Teams communication tool they use every day.

The move recognizes the importance of Teams to the daily work of many Degreed clients. Nearly 20% of Degreed clients opted into a pre-release pilot of the Degreed app for Microsoft Teams. Their early feedback on the experience was that it increased workforce engagement with learning content by making it more accessible in day-to-day work and kept skill development top-of-mind.

Key features available in the Degreed App for Microsoft Teams:

  • Assignments: Learners can access all of their past, upcoming, and overdue assignments.
  • Shared: Learners can view the learning items that others in their organization have shared, as well as share content with colleagues.
  • Saved: Learners can quickly review any saved learning items (including any saved from the Degreed Mobile App and the Degreed Web App) in the ‘Saved’ tab.
  • Pathways: Learners can access all of their Pathways (guided learning paths of content that track completion progress).
  • Plans: Learners can see all of their learning Plans (which are a collection of related Skills, Pathways, Groups, People, and learning content items).

“With 115 million users and 500,000 organizations relying on Microsoft Teams to collaborate and communicate, the Degreed app for Microsoft Teams will bring skill development to where learners are,” says Kat Kennedy, President and Chief Experience Officer of Degreed. “Increasingly, we are seeing Teams as a browser for work apps and we look forward to continuing to partner with Microsoft to bring learning to the forefront of work today.”

“Given the increasing importance of supporting employees to up-level their skills and create new ways of hybrid working, we are pleased to see partners like Degreed bring their upskilling platform to Microsoft Teams,” said Daniel Canning, director, Microsoft Teams Platform. “The Degreed integration will allow professionals to quickly view, build and get status on their learning opportunities while in the collaboration tool they use every day. With the Degreed app for Microsoft Teams, we can address the new opportunities to make employees’ learning and upskilling path easier.”  

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