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Degreed Shorts: How Has Degreed Changed Work for You?

As an elder millennial, I’m rapidly approaching 40 and I find myself asking: do things really change? As a cliché-hater, I have to admit the saying “the more things change, the more they stay the same” is ringing truer every day. Case in points: Bologna is still as delicious as ever. Movies are better when you sneak in candy. And Mel C is still objectively the most talented Spice Girl.

But there are a million products out there claiming to change every aspect of our lives, like the way we shave, brush our teeth, sleep, cook, clean, shop, bank, get to the airport, and even find a romantic match.

So is Degreed just another “me too” product lost in the superfluous marketing soup of the masses? Or are we actually changing the way people learn, build skills, and progress in their careers? We asked our clients to keep us honest in this week’s episode of Degreed Shorts. Enjoy!

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