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Degreed Shorts: How Did You Make the Business Case for Degreed? Part 1

Negotiation skills are learned early in life. When you wanted a sleepover as a kid, who did you ask first—your mom or your dad? How did you convince your younger sibling to trade their superior Halloween candy (Reese’s) for your standard-grade (Mr. Goodbar)? And how did you persuade your parents to extend your curfew just 30 more minutes during your senior year of high school?

Some of those same tactics come into play when making the business case for Degreed (even the candy trading). In this week’s Short, our clients share their tips and tricks on getting a learning tech investment past all that red tape to the dotted line. Grab some snacks and enjoy. You like Mr. Goodbar, right?

Check out additional stories from our clients in Part Two of “How did you make the business case for Degreed” here.

Interested in learning more about developing a business case for HR tech? Download The Buyer’s Guide to Learning & Talent Technology for advice from other buyers, a business case template, and more.

The Buyer’s Guide to Learning & Talent Technology

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