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Phenom and Easygenerator Join the Degreed Open Ecosystem

Partnerships are integral to the Degreed open ecosystem. Our partners provide the most relevant and highest quality content to our customers, advancing opportunities for learning success.

We’re thrilled to welcome two new partners, Phenom and Easygenerator. They’ve joined Degreed to deliver extra value to our customers. Phenom is an intelligent talent experience platform and Easygenerator is an online elearning authoring tool for people without an elearning background. 

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Phenom helps companies hire faster, develop better and retain longer. From recruiting to retention, Phenom delivers enhanced employee experiences across the entire talent lifecycle. Together with Degreed, Phenom engages employees with greater visibility and opportunity.

The Degreed-Phenom partnership starts with the candidate experience, allowing recruiters and managers to use AI to see and find the type of candidate they need for a team. Once a candidate becomes an employee, they then gain access to the wealth of Degreed learning tools and courses while receiving recommendations from Phenom on coursework to help with career progression. Phenom will then help match candidates with new roles based on their progress. 

Using Phenom AI, your employees can personalize a unique career path through seamless access to personalized skill-building opportunities within the Degreed open ecosystem of learning.

Degreed and Phenom combine to enhance management and employee visibility into expanded career opportunities. In addition, you can share relevant courses, recommend jobs and upskill employees in preparation for new roles. 


Easygenerator is an easy-to-use elearning software that enhances online learning support. Now you don’t need to be an elearning professional to deliver effective elearning materials. Easygenerator is an online elearning authoring tool for people who do not have an elearning background.

Using a strategic learning and development approach focused on creating flagship or enterprise-wide learning initiatives that directly benefit the learner can be tricky. With the Easygenerator and Degreed partnership, any subject matter expert (SME) in your organization can now share their knowledge and intuitively create courses with no training required.

The integration allows Easygenerator content to be uploaded to the Degreed catalog for easy access in Degreed. This means learning professionals can further decentralize learning and share knowledge more effectively through internally-created courses. Together, the solutions can democratize learning and upskilling by placing those capabilities in the hands of SMEs and specialists across your organization.

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