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Everything’s Canceled | A Kid’s Guide to Passing the Time

Across the globe, millions of families just like yours are adjusting to the new normal. Working moms and dads are now school teachers, coaches, art instructors, and may even find themselves functioning as a referee to break up the occasional fight (so we’ve heard…).

Though work-life balance has always been a priority for Degreed, many of us are struggling to strike a new balance amidst all this change. So we created this activity book to help out in the way we know best—through the development of skills and the sharing of really great dad jokes. From coloring pages to puzzles, there’s plenty of options to bust boredom, put a creative spin on this situation we’ve all found ourselves in, and maybe even give you a few minutes of peace.

Grab a pencil (do kids these days even know what pencils are?), have some fun, and most of all, stay safe.

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