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New Degreed Content Providers: Compliance Training and German-Language

Degreed content comes in many forms, and our latest addition of an Enterprise Paid Provider as well as a new batch of One-Click Providers expands the types of skill-building resources you can provide your people. Let’s take a look at our newest add-ons. 

New Enterprise Paid Provider: Ethena

Ethena integrates compliance training within your Degreed environment, surfacing content required for your teams and the data analytics you need to track completions. If you’re a Degreed client, you can request a free preview from your Client Experience partner.

Ethena is a compliance training platform with informative, cringe-free content delivered through innovative methods that actually work. Its best-in-class admin experience is built to bring scalable training solutions to teams of all sizes. 

Content is designed to train teams year-round through short lessons, and it features a variety of multimedia — including comics, short videos and podcasts covering crucial topics like Harassment Prevention, Diversity Equity & Inclusion and Anti-Bribery & Corruption. Ethena courses can be made discoverable as Articles within Degreed and accessed with a full license-only catalog enterprise subscription.

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New One-Click Providers

Our newest One-Click Providers are international experts and provide content available to Degreed clients in German.

Click the admin menu icon at the top right corner of Degreed. Select Manage <your organization>. Then click Settings followed by Integrations

Agile Unternehmen 

Agile Unternehmen is a blog from Dr. Dominic Lindner. Discover German-language content about the digitization and agility of companies. It includes scientific content translated into practice and recommendations from practitioners.


BigData-Insider is the German-language information portal for all topics relating to the management and analysis of large amounts of data. Discover how to yield the power of business intelligence and analytics.

Industry of Things 

Industry of Things is the first German-language online portal that focuses on the practical use of the Internet of Things, M2M and Industry 4.0 applications. Topics covered include automation and future-oriented innovations, IT security and data management.

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