Lifelong Learner: Maggie

Maggie, a Degreed user and lifelong learner, takes us through her experience as she integrates learning into her everyday life. From her morning routine, to her commute, to running errands in Chinatown, Degreed allows her to track and find learning from any source.

At Degreed, we believe that all learning matters. Whether you’re learning in a traditional way, in a self directed way, in a moment of need, just in time, or just because. It doesn’t matter. Degreed exists to empower learners everywhere, to become experts in whatever their passions are, and to fuel their ambitions and dreams.

Degreed is the world’s first continuous lifelong learning platform, that enables people to track all of their learning; TED talks, articles, videos, books, assessments, certificates, courses, MOOCs, elearning, all of it. Academic, professional, informal.

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