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The Degreed Holiday Survival Guide | A Kid’s Winter-Break Activity Book

December 2020 (pause for effect). We’ve managed to make it this far, folks. In fact, getting through this year should suggest we can get through anything…except maybe a social-distanced holiday break. 🤔 Ugh…what could be worse? Well, braving it without our new activity book: A Holiday Survival Guide: 12 Days of Not Driving Your Family Crazy This Winter Break. That’s what!

While we wish you plenty of hot cocoa, holiday movies, and snowball (or dirtball if it’s dry where you are?) fights, there’s bound to be some downtime where this survival guide can be the antidote to your kids’ holiday boredom. As a companion to our April activity book, Everything’s Canceled!, A Holiday Survival Guide is here to fill the next few weeks with winter trivia, craft projects, brainteasers, and — most importantly — dad jokes. 

So what are you doing still reading this? Download your copy and get started (the Madlibs are extra spicy this year). From everyone at Degreed, we wish you safe, happy holidays and a Happy New Year. Thanks for riding this crazy wave called 2020 with us. 

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