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How Learning & HR Technology Drive Agility and Collaboration

survey from Sapient Insights Research Group found 37% of respondents were evaluating or planning to replace their learning tools or HR technology within the next two years. 

But the marketplace has grown — quite big, actually. In fact, the valuation for the recruitment technology industry is a $250 billion-plus market and the L&D marketplace is valued at over $240 billion.

The technology landscape can be confusing; it’s hard to discern which products do what and how they work together. A lot of them seem the same or have similar messages on their websites, but few work well together, share data or fit neatly into your existing infrastructure. 

The underlying problem around this technology is that most L&D systems and resources are isolated. They rarely work together or interact to share data, which means they often don’t provide a complete picture of skills (or skill gaps) within the company as a whole.

In short, the data around skills and talent development is incomplete and without these accurate insights, HR and business leaders can’t effectively support learning, business, internal mobility, or hiring initiatives.

This guide is meant to help you understand the differences, similarities, and goals of various talent development solutions available in the marketplace today — and how they can work together to create one living ecosystem.

It is not a sales pitch, but rather an original analysis, featuring fresh insights from our work with some of the most progressive executives at some of the most innovative organizations in the world. 

One early reader, a senior L&D executive who has worked at several leading technology, professional services, and banking firms, said this: “Making investments in L&D technology? You need this.” We hope you find it useful, too. Download the guide below!

The Buyer’s Guide to Learning & Talent Technology

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