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Success Story: At Itaú, HR & IT Unite to Make Learning Work

As the new Head of Attraction & Development, Raquel Andrade knew that learning programs at Itaú Unibanco, the largest private sector bank in Brazil, needed attention. 

Technologies like cloud computing, APIs, and blockchain had disrupted the financial services industry. Itaú needed a digital transformation to stay relevant and continue providing top-notch services to its 56 million clients.

The company understood something crucial. It had to do more than incorporate new technologies; it needed to start by upskilling its people.

Transforming its workforce wouldn’t be easy. Itaú knew too little about the skills its people had, or those they were going to need in the future.

To gain visibility into skills, HR and IT joined forces — a collaboration that resulted in a new learning culture and a new learning ecosystem powered by Degreed.

Along the way, HR and IT learned valuable lessons about upskilling strategy, learning technology, and L&D operations that can benefit any organization working to carve a new way forward for workforce development. Read about how Itaú made it happen in our latest success story.

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