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The Reskilling Funnel: A Major U.S. Bank Pilot Breaks Through

Plenty of powerful organizations are offering their blueprints for how to build a talent pipeline for the changing economy. McKinsey, Harvard, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are all shilling similar strategies, preaching that a pipeline is the only way to prepare for the future.

But what if these elite groups have the wrong metaphor in mind? Can you really just pump people from Point A to Point B? What if workers are starting with different skills? What if they hope to end up in different roles?

One major U.S. bank* imagined another way to help people advance their careers through economic upheavals. It designed a pilot program for reskilling employees that was structured like a funnel instead of a pipeline.

As a funnel, the program started out broad and inclusive, open to people from varying backgrounds with a range of skill levels. Folks could swirl around for a while, exploring different directions without making any firm commitments.

Over time, though, the reskilling program narrowed and became more focused. Persistent participants continued to build in-demand skills through a personalized platform. After a few months, a select cohort of top performers took on new projects under the guidance of mentors.

The bank built a bold alternative to the pipeline cliché — one which enabled an internal talent marketplace and helped its people grow their careers. The design is intuitive and the results are exciting. Find out how its reskilling funnel works in Degreed’s newest Reskilling Success Story.

*For security and compliance reasons, the bank featured in this case study must remain anonymous.

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