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Success Story: How Mastercard Returned to its Technology Roots

You might not remember — or maybe you’re not old enough to know — that the credit card was a major milestone in the history of computing. Its processing system was one of the most powerful early computer networks. And that little magnetic stripe was a breakthrough in data storage.

Mastercard was an early innovator in this industry, starting in 1966. But for decades, the core technology of cashless payments stayed the same. Innovation slowed to a glacial pace.

All of that changed drastically in the last decade. Smart phones enabled countless new payment methods and startups moved aggressively into the market. To stay competitive, Mastercard had to rediscover its roots as a technology company.

This meant that learning and reskilling would be more important than ever. Mastercard needed existing employees to update their skills to meet new technology needs and their tech-savvy new hires to become payment experts. 

That’s why Mastercard asked Degreed to help build a personalized learning platform. The results make it clear that the company’s vision is being fulfilled. Read how Mastercard made it happen in our latest success story. Download the full story here!

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