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TEKsystems Builds Expertise as Degreed Powers Badging & Credentialing

When employee engagement surveys at TEKsystems revealed a desire for more career-building opportunities as well as more guidance on how to help advance the IT staffing and services company, learning leaders there identified four new key goals:

  • Boost career path transparency
  • Elevate role specialization
  • Reward accomplishments
  • Visually represent what people learn

To accomplish these goals, L&D created Level Up, a program designed to define career paths and award workers with digital badges that recognize their professional development. The idea was to “learn, earn and share” — and for the Degreed open technology ecosystem to tie it all together.

“The ability of our sellers and recruiters in particular to show up and bring credible knowledge and be looked at as trusted advisors is really critical,” said Stefanie Kuehn, Senior Program Manager, Learning Consulting Team, noting L&D sought to significantly deepen people’s understanding of the company’s services and products.

Recognizing people drives success.

Now more than ever, it’s important people leaders recognize employees to keep them engaged, which can translate to positive business outcomes, according to Forbes Human Resources Council member Thalia Rodriguez, Director of Human Resources at PAA and CEO at Tase Creative Solutions.

“Employees wear many hats and can fill many roles. With that comes the natural expectation of being recognized for doing a good job,” Rodriguez said. “If companies focus on enhancing their rewards and incentives programs, job satisfaction and employee engagement can improve.”

Democratizing Learning, Promoting Expertise & More

At TEKsystems, participants can earn a mix of three types of badges — Knowledge, Milestone and Experience. In combination, these lead to a Role badge.

Check out our full case study to see how TEKsystems uses Degreed to:

  • Validate skills and democratize learning
  • Support specialization and promote expertise
  • Clarify career paths
  • Help leaders move people onto projects or into new roles
  • Differentiate the organization in the marketplace

“Earning badges sets TEKsystems workers apart from their counterparts at other organizations,” said Allison Leonard, Senior Learning Strategist. “The badges have weight. We’re not just badging everything… We’re badging items of worth, value and substance to a consultant or a customer who sits outside the four walls of TEKsystems. 

“It’s really a differentiator for our participants, who can easily share their credentials on LinkedIn or other social channels and via email. When someone outside views those badges, they’re able to learn more about our people’s expertise and verify authenticity.”

Want to learn more? 

Contact a Degreed representative to find out how you can build a positive learning culture at advance learning at your organization.

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