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How ATB Financial is Equipping their Team of 5,500 with Future-Forward Skills

When talent leaders at ATB Financial envisioned the future of work there, they saw an organization staffed by employees with a growth mindset. They sought people who were adaptable. And they wanted to see people feeding an insatiable appetite to learn.

To get there, the company needed to provide a better learning experience to its 5,500 employees — one that gets the right learning resources in front of people at the moment they need them.

“Learning strategy at ATB is really about learning in the flow of work,” said Meriya Dyble, managing director of connected learning and change. “But also, how do we create a learning system around them that connects to people, technology, resources, any type of learning experience that they might need in order to grow their skills?”

ATB employees have rated their own skills 20,000 times

ATB’s Solution: Build a Better Experience

ATB Financial selected Degreed, which connects employees to resources they can use to learn, like courses, videos, articles, podcasts, and more — wherever and whenever they’re needed.

“We chose Degreed firstly because it was an experience platform,” Dyble said. “We wanted something that was about our team members and our learners and creating the best experience for them, because we know the outcome of that would be better for the organization.”

ATB’s Results: Engagement & Skills

Degreed gave employees access to learning that’s relevant to their roles, on an integrated platform that makes learning engaging.

A whopping 100% of employees are active users, with 40% using it every month on average. People are learning about business strategy, leadership, adaptability, being agile, design thinking, and other topics critical to the future of the organization.

Moreover, “Degreed helps open up opportunities for employees to take new skills to new roles within the company,” said Justine Croft, director, Skills of the Future. 

Using Degreed, employees have rated their own skills 20,000 times, helping the organization get a better understanding of its capabilities. 

In addition, Degreed has boosted employee loyalty, Dyble said, adding that “it’s made us a better learning organization.”

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