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Case Study: How Photobox Group Empowers Their Managers Through Continuous Learning

A while back, The Photobox Group — Europe’s leading online photo printing company — experienced some pretty tremendous growth, and everything was looking picture perfect. Well, almost everything. During this transformation, the company was acquiring new customers left and right, but inside their doors, a different story was developing. Skill gaps were widening and it was becoming more and more challenging to acquire and retain the necessary talent to continue on this skyrocketing trajectory.

Turns out the heart of the issue was culture. The Photobox Group weren’t making the right investments in their people, training was minimal, and learning content was elementary and disparate. A shift was not only a welcome addition but also a necessary one.

Read our case study, “How Photobox Group Empowers Their Managers Through Continuous Learning,” to learn how The Photobox Group used Degreed to take control of their learning, build up their leadership, and shift their culture to keep their best people.

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