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Case Study: Sendero takes Learning in Personalized Direction

Sendero is a management consulting firm that excels at guiding companies of all sizes towards a more effective and efficient future. Since its inception, Sendero has been experiencing about 30% annual growth and recently eclipsed the 200 employee mark. With a business model keen on development, combined with a fairly steep learning curve, Sendero was in need of a little guidance of their own.

What the company needed was a way to develop their employees in a way that would make them ready to tackle the complex problems the company solves. A standard, off-the-shelf LMS wouldn’t cut it. What they needed was something that could be tailored toward individual needs.

Read our case study “Sendero Takes Learning in a New Direction” to get all the details on how Sendero was able to personalize its learning in order to smooth out that learning curve and build up their employees.

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